Earth Observation for Water Resources Management in the Eastern Mediterranean Middle East North Africa (EMMENA) Region

Diofantos Hadjimitsis, Gunter Schreier, Haris Kontoes, Albert Ansmann, George Komodromos, Christiana Papoutsa, Silas Michaelides, Kyriakos Themistocleous and Vincent Ambrosia


Special Session's Summary
Throughout the past decades, the EMMENA region faces climatic extremes due to the climate crisis. Particularly, the decrease of precipitation makes the region highly vulnerable to droughts. The increased frequency and intensity of droughts results in various problems to the environment, the economy, and the agricultural sector. The need for fresh water obliges many countries to place unprecedented pressure on water resources, therefore sustainable water resources management presents a vital issue in the EMMENA region. Aligning with the needs in the region, the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence, in the framework of the EXCELSIOR H2020 Project, has defined sustainable water resources management as one of the five application domains to excel. The challenges associated with climate variability and change include the availability and use of freshwater, water shortages, water mismanagement, water quality, the use of water for irrigation, agricultural failure, land desertification, coastal zone management, etc. Remote sensing tools provide spatially and temporally explicit information on earth's processes and contribute significantly in managing risks and reducing impacts of natural disasters. Thus, the use of remote sensing techniques is considered of great importance in sustainable water resources management.


Scientific Committee

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Christiana Papoutsa
Cyprus University of Technology & ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence

Diofantos Hadjimitsis
Cyprus University of Technology & ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence