New trends in Geological Remote Sensing

Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos, Christian Mielke and Aggeliki Kyriou


Special Session's Summary
Geological Remote Sensing has become ever more important for the scientific and, in the last years, the commercial world. The academic achievements of remote sensing in geology have grown into fully commercialized applications. Dozens of start-up and SME companies have been founded throughout the world offering remote sensing services in diverse topics: Geological Mapping, Tectonic Geology, Mine Monitoring, Hydrogeology, Geomorphology, Geohazards (Landslides, Floods, Earthquakes). Geological remote sensing can offer accurate solutions in scales from 1/100 up to 1/100.000. The session will allow researchers to present the state-of-the-art methods, to make public the opinions and the ideas, get information, find partners and generally relying on the community, to share and to give solutions to many of our common problems.


Scientific Committee

Contact details:
Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos
University of Patras

Christian Mielke

Aggeliki Kyriou
University of Patras

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